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Attention Ladies: Come join us every Monday and Friday at LVAC to keep that health at the forefront. Call the office for additional information and times.

Private Full Moon Ceremonies: Friday June 2nd @ 7:30pm & Tuesday August 1st @ 7:30pm. ($15)

*NO Full Moon Ceremony on July 3rd, due to Furth of July.*

Private New Moon Ceremonies: Friday June 16th, Friday July 14th & WednesdayAugust 16th @7:30pm. ($15)


Classes: Upcoming Tuesdays
Pohon Berbicara (Tree Speak) Class:
4 part series learning to converse with trees (2.5 hours each class)
$175.00 @ 4:30PM-7PM
3rd Class-May 9th
Class 3: Pohon Pengobatan (tree therapy)
  • Learn to use tree speaking for therapeutic purposes to battle stressors in the four quadrants of everyday human life
  • Understand how the companionship of having a therapy tree can energetically impact your life
  • Practice techniques which will allow you to apply tree conversations in small and consistent ways towards making positive and healthy changes in your life
  • Cultivate a balance of yin and yang within yourself through the powerful tool of Pohon Berbicara
4th Class-May 23rd
Class 4: Pohon Penyembuhan (tree healing)
  • Learn simples approaches to using tree speak as well as tangible parts of the tree (leaves, branches, roots) as healing tools
  • Understand how to work with a tree for your own healing and experience a shamanic journey with the aid of a supporting tree
  • Practice making healing tools from nature by creating a prayer stick with tree branches
  • Cultivate your own health and healing with the tools provided throughout this course


Affilated Sponsor Classes and Events:

Lauren Salgado-

Cosmic Power @ Vibe Yoga Saturdays @ 10:30AM (702) 483-5059

Breath Circle @ Vibe Yoga $35 (702) 483-5059 or

Frequency Psychedelic Breathwork @ The Portal inside Area15 $35 or


Jodi Freidman-

For upcoming events...

Contact Jodi at (702) 274.4545 &



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