About us

Tribe With Roots began with the vision of Dr. Ibu-Nina Tabor, who saw a gap widening between what healthcare used to be and the business of what health services are now becoming.

Specializing in ancient and eastern medicine, all of the Board Certified doctors and practitioners on staff at our clinic are passionate about cultivating medicine that treats the entirety of a person – not just an individual’s physical needs, but mental, emotional and spiritual needs as well.

The concept of Tribe With Roots initially grew from social media as a collective of like-minded practitioners who used groupthink to work together to figure out hard health cases in a natural and supportive way. Since then, it has flourished into a thriving clinic with a multitude of doctors and healthcare practitioners working together as a team … or tribe, if you will.

Visiting the clinic, you will find our waiting room is filled with over 100 healing tools and artifacts from all over the world, an herbal apothecary from which we create custom prescriptions, a meditation/classroom, and eight beautifully designed treatment rooms each themed around a different element. Our vision is to become an oasis of the Mojave, bringing together a comprehensive list of services in a safe, welcoming environment for all.

Come experience ancient medicine as a modern take on complete wellness!

Tribe With Roots: We Heal Together


8784 S. Maryland Parkway STE#125

Las Vegas, NV 89123

Phone: (725) 204-9440

Hours: Mon, Thurs. & Fri 8-6pm

Closed Tuesday & Wednedsay.

"Here we focus on treating every part of the human being- not just physically, but their mind, body, and soul."

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