Meet our practitioners

Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Ibu-NinaVallejo

Board Certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Shaman & Hypnotherapist
Owner & Founder

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440

As both a Board Certified (NCCAOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Certified Hypnotherapist, Dr. Ibu-Nina Vallejo emphasizes to first address mental health as the foundation of treating all physical health.
Not only is formal, clinical training infused into her patient protocols, but also her inherent experience as a cancer survivor, a daughter of Sumatran heritage, and the modalities of her travels from studying all around the world including training at Longhua Hospital in Shanghai, China. Dr. Ibu-Nina Vallejo adheres to passion-driven healthcare, in addition to pioneering in politics and public education.

Dr. Laura Fink-Soto

Board Certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440
Email: laurafink.soto@gmail.com

Dr. Laura Fink-Soto is a Board Certified (NCCAOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is a Master’s level Registered Dietitian. As a Registered Dietitian she has been able to blend Western Nutrition science with Oriental Medicine Nutrition to benefit patients at different seasons as well as throughout stages of life. Her abroad studies include Shanghai, China at Longhua Hospital as well as Cheng Rai, Thailand at Mah Fah Luang University & Hospital.

Tiffany Brown

Managing Director | Shaman, Reiki Practioner & Lightworker

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440
Email: tribewithroots@gmail.com

Tiffany provides inspiration, motivation and guidance to the tribe and all practitioners. She is the event coordinator and responsible for upholding successful company operations. She oversees product inventory, social media marketing, web design and maintenance, coordinates community events and maintains and establishes company goals and objectives.

Additionally, Tiffany is a Shaman, a certified Reiki II practitioner, and she also practices Sukyo Mahikari. The practice of a postive spirtual energy that is transmutted from the palm of the hand to the receiver. This energy is referred to as light, it purifies and revitalizes the spirit, mind and body. Initiating a natural and sustainable process of change in oneself at the very deepest level of consciousness. She understands through this work people revitalize their innate spirituality and spiritual wisdom to help them find soultions to many problems facing oneself and humankind.


Geoff Tabor

Outreach Project Manager | AEMT & Henderson Fire Fighter

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440
Email: geofftabor@gmail.com

Geoff Tabor is a Nationally Registered Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), who provides Intermediate Life Support (ILS). He is also a Field Team member of Red Rock Search and Rescue and a firefighter for the Henderson Fire Department, he currently acts as an Outreach Project Manager for Tribe With Roots. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Additionally, Geoff Co-owns an air filter replacement company called Breath of Fresh Air Filters, which is licensed, bonded, and insured in Clark County, Las Vegas, and Henderson, NV.


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Nicole Buffong

Cannabis Consultant

Contact info:

Website: http://www.purpleplantmagic.com

Nicole’s pursuit for the truth has opened doors of opportunity for her. Nicole began this career after being diagnosed with HIV in March of 2017. Determined to not take synthetic drugs for the rest of her life she went against her doctors recommendations and launched her own holistic healing initiative, becoming a pioneer in the green foods movement. Entrepreneur, cannabis patient and advocate, Nicole is now Western Regional Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

In her new role, she leverages over a decade of experience to help consult clients on the benefits of a holistic healthy lifestyle, speaks globally about the many benefits of using medicinal plants, helping them to understand the power of food and self care and advises individuals seeking to become a part of the legal Cannabis industry. Nicole has also been selected to be Director of Medical Voices for The Chamber of Cannabis in Las Vegas.

Nicole’s experience in executive and community outreach operations also includes launching the Georgia Chapter for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, education, training and outreach to underserved communities. Here she was the acting Chapter president for the state of Nevada, bringing a diverse perspective to the new, and rapidly growing hemp and cannabis industry. Pairing passion with philanthropy, Nicole is seeking to become a Cannabis legislative lobbyist fighting for health equity throughout the globe.

Danni Sinclair

Holistic Interior Designer | Intuitive Color Specialist | Feng Shui Consultant | Yoga Teacher

Contact info:

Email: design@bydannisinclair.com

Website:  Bydannisinclair.com


As a corporate designer of global conventions and conferences Danni was working long and unsustainable hours. Despite also serving as the in-house yoga teacher, advocating for work-life balance to her friends and colleagues, she was struggling to prioritize her own self-care. This pace led to an inevitable meltdown, prompting her to retreat away from the stress and overwhelm of the life she had created.

During this retreat she was called to change paths and pursue a career in holistic interior design. With her training in architecture, hotel and office design, as well as her expertise in applying color psychology, visuals, scents, and mindful interior layouts learned from corporate events, she noticed her ability to create intentional spaces that offer inner peace and balance.

She became deeply passionate about offering people who feel overworked, overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted (like she did) a sense of a relaxation within their own spaces. Not everyone has the time or resources to escape, but she believes everyone deserves a retreat, which is why she loves using holistic interior design practices to transform an ordinary space into a sanctuary.

Lauren Salgado

Psychic Medium,Yoga Instructor & Breathwork guide.

Contact info:

Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/the.wise.unicorn/


Website: www.thewiseunicorn.com

Lauren Salgado is a gifted Psychic Medium who has over 20 years of passion and dedication to the Tarot and magical arts. She is the breathwork guide for frequency breathwork experience at Area 15, which allows you to explore non-ordinary states of consciousness, consciously, holding space for sacred sound and breath alchemy. She is also a certified yoga instructor with TruFusion and Vibe yoga, where she offers a variety of uniquely designed yoga classes with spirtual aspects including breathwork, sound healing and tarot.

Lauren has spent her life as a seeker of the mysteries, and has committed her life to be in service to the Great Work. She has unique gifts connecting to the spirit world and believes her purpose in life is to help people and guide them to more peaceful lives. She uses Tarot in combination with her clairvoyant abilities in order to obtain the information one needs to empower, clear and resolve.


Svetlana Esposito

Sound Healing & Meditation

Contact info:

Website: www.svetlanaesposito.com 

Instagram: svetlana.esposito

Svetlana is there to guide you to connect to your unique essence through healing arts. She was born in the Czech Republic but due to her husband’s career path, they lived and visited many places.

Along the way, She had the opportunity to volunteer in charitable organizations which helped her to realize how much she was enjoying helping others by holding a space, listening to their stories and guiding their souls.

She followed what lights her up and started studying energy healing and crystals. Through out the years she received certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healer, Sound Therapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher for adults and children.


Rosa Montez, LCSW

Mental Health Therapist

Contact info: 702-482-8603

Website: http://www.followyourpaththerapy.com/

Email: rosamontez.sw@gmail.com

Rosa Montez is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping others feel heard, seen, and supported. She believes in a collaborative therapeutic style relationship, where she can help you identify feelings and patterns that may have been barriers in your life using EMDR therapy, Parts and Memory Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2015 with a Masters in Social Work, Rosa went into the social work field with an emphasis on specializing in mental health. For the last eight years, Rosa has worked in a variety of places in the valley providing therapy. Rosa's unique experince allows her to have an understanding of where clients are no matter what stage of life they find themselves in.

Valerie Phillips

Child Educator & Therapy Advocate  

Contact info:

Website: https://growingwithval.com/pages/contact

YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/@growingwithval?si=iL9SEjct_yqx_DUz

Growing With Val is a family show that provides a place where children can feel safe and experience a sense of belonging. Miss Val and her many garden friends explore social and emotional issues children face regularly. Val teaches emotional learning, effective communication, acceptance, and conflict resolution. Miss Val has been a child educator for over 30 years. Miss Val's episodes, music, regulation techniques, and communication have been carefully created with the aid of psychotherapist Miss Ari. Elements of childhood therapeutic approaches to support children's mental health have been woven into the show alongside Miss Val's incredible teaching styles and personality.