Meet our practitioners

Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Ibu-Nina Tabor

Board Certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine | Co-Owner & Founder

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440

As both a Board Certified (NCCAOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Certified Hypnotherapist, Dr. Ibu-Nina Tabor emphasizes to first address mental health as the foundation of treating all physical health.
Not only is formal, clinical training infused into her patient protocols, but also her inherent experience as a cancer survivor, a daughter of Sumatran heritage, and the modalities of her travels from studying all around the world including training at Longhua Hospital in Shanghai, China. Dr. Ibu-Nina Tabor adheres to passion-driven healthcare, in addition to pioneering in politics and public education.

Dr. Laura Fink-Soto

Board Certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440
Email: laurafink.soto@gmail.com

Dr. Laura Fink-Soto is a Board Certified (NCCAOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine and is a Master’s level Registered Dietitian. As a Registered Dietitian she has been able to blend Western Nutrition science with Oriental Medicine Nutrition to benefit patients at different seasons as well as throughout stages of life. Her abroad studies include Shanghai, China at Longhua Hospital as well as Cheng Rai, Thailand at Mah Fah Luang University & Hospital.

Paula Curtwright

Medical Massage Therapist | Shaman

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440
Email: sunflower8888@hotmail.com

Paula is a LMT, as well as a Reiki & Qi Gong healing specialist. My business provides Therapeutic, Energy healing, Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Sports injuries, Rehabilitation, Chronic Pain Management, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point, Hot Stone, CBD infused massage. Welcome to my embrace of love and healing. With 22 years experience in Massage Therapy I pride myself on my jounrey and to help people by specializing in chronic pain management. Utilizing Trigger Point Therapy, Emotional Release, Reiki, Qi Gong, Sound Therapy and Tuning Forks.



Geoff Tabor

Outreach Project Manager | AEMT

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440
Email: geofftabor@gmail.com

Geoff Tabor is a Nationally Registered Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT), who provides Intermediate Life Support (ILS) at Community Ambulance, where he works. A Field Team member of Red Rock Search and Rescue and volunteer firefighter for the Clark County Fire Department, he currently acts as an Outreach Project Manager for Tribe With Roots. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Additionally, Geoff Co-owns an air filter replacement company called Breath of Fresh Air Filters, which is licensed, bonded, and insured in Clark County, Las Vegas, and Henderson, NV.


Nicole Buffong

Cannabis Consultant

Contact info: Office 725-204-9440

Nicole’s pursuit for the truth has opened doors of opportunity for her. Nicole began this career after being diagnosed with HIV in March of 2017. Determined to not take synthetic drugs for the rest of her life she went against her doctors recommendations and launched her own holistic healing initiative, becoming a pioneer in the green foods movement. Entrepreneur, cannabis patient and advocate, Nicole is now Western Regional Director for Minorities for Medical Marijuana.

In her new role, she leverages over a decade of experience to help consult clients on the benefits of a holistic healthy lifestyle, speaks globally about the many benefits of using medicinal plants, helping them to understand the power of food and self care and advises individuals seeking to become a part of the legal Cannabis industry. Nicole has also been selected to be Director of Medical Voices for The Chamber of Cannabis in Las Vegas.

Nicole’s experience in executive and community outreach operations also includes launching the Georgia Chapter for Minorities for Medical Marijuana, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides advocacy, education, training and outreach to underserved communities. Here she was the acting Chapter president for the state of Nevada, bringing a diverse perspective to the new, and rapidly growing hemp and cannabis industry. Pairing passion with philanthropy, Nicole is seeking to become a Cannabis legislative lobbyist fighting for health equity throughout the globe.